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Recent Rides
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Recent rides is where I list rides that I have done since this site..

DATE People who rode Place of Ride
23/04/2000 Adriaan, Bryce & Dean Lake Pedder - Saw Back Range
16/04/2000 Adriaan & Dean Ida Bay Rail way & Duck Hole
Feb 2000 Adriaan, Dean, Scott, Kelly & Sophie Sleeping Beauty Range
March 2000 Adriaan, Dean, Nigel & Kelly Mt Wellington
Feb 2000 Adriaan & Dean Mehann Range & South Arm
Feb 2000 Adriaan, Dean & Kelly Snug Tiers
23/01/2000 Adriaan, Bryce, Dean & Rob South-Port Lagoon.
8-9/01/2000 Adriaan & Dean Coles Bay Area.
03/01/2000 Adriaan, Dean & Rob Port Arthur Area.